Acct for sale.

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Acct for sale. #53
Here are screen shots of my tanks and acct for anyone interested in buying it. Asking price is 200.00 well below worth.

Has 10 Tier 10s open with 2 in garage (M110E5 and Deathstar)
And 3 T9's grinding for T10s (T49 and BC 155-55 both at half way there, and E75 unlocked)
171 Tanks available unlocked.
23 Premium with another dozen available to re-buy at sell cost. (2 top 5 money tanks Patriot and Pilot, along with E25 and Styer WT will let you make a average of 300000 credits a hour on a bad day)
over 100 garage slots with 69 open. 123 crews NOT attached to a tank with 1-5 skill perks. several tank crews with 4-6 skill perks in tanks already.
Wolverine is a DERP Special with over 150 Aces in it.
has 500 small repair kits and more in cons.

If interested, call or text me at 423 457 2794
Money by paypal.

Screen shots attached for info.

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